Incorrect Drug Test Gets Man Arrested for Possessing… Honey

Did you know that damaged field drug examinations have led to several unjust jailings across the USA? One Maryland male understands it, having been jailed for 82 days after being implicated in bringing an illegal controlled substance right into the nation.

The material, as it turns out, was honey.

At age 46, Leon Haughton was arrested on December 29, 2018, at Baltimore/Washington International Airport terminal when he returned house from a journey to Jamaica with, to name a few things, three jars of honey.

When customized officers looked at his bag, they located the containers and had them examined, then accused Haughton of having methamphetamine. He was taken to area prison to encounter charges such as importing a controlled substance right into the state and ownership to distribute a dangerous drug.

Later on, Haughton claimed he would certainly purchase the honey at a roadside in Jamaica, as well as he did not also understand what methamphetamine was.

However, he remained in jail for nearly three months until a laboratory test of the honey in Georgia verified that the bottles included no illegal drugs.

Prosecutors claimed a qualified drug-sniffing dog informed officers of the material. An initial field test done by checking out officers on the scene suggested a dangerous drug. The lab test, later on, refuted all of that.

The daddy of 6 kids, Haughton, said he lost two tasks while behind bars, and his credit report was “damaged.” He is considering a lawsuit.

Some reimbursement by authorities is in order.

Failed drug examinations in Utah

Failed field medicine examinations have likewise prevailed in Salt Lake City and West Jordan Regions.

A research study conducted by the Utah Area Attorney’s Workplace in 2016 located that 298 people were mistakenly convicted of medication property, although that criminal activity laboratory examinations, later on, uncovered no controlled substances in the examples.

In 2018, Utah authorities stopped using damaged medicine examination kits for which police officers had little or no training– medicine test sets which were obsoleted, primitive as well as low-cost, setting you back only $2.

Police officers are also known to misidentify medicines at the scene, consisting of cannabis and prescription pills.

Outcomes of area drug screening can not be used in a law court, but they have been used for releasing medication costs before trial. Considering that numerous offenders can not pay to publish bond, they remain in jail pre-trial despite prosecutors having no significant evidence that they dedicated a criminal activity.

As part of a troublesome appeal deal procedure, some people have pleaded guilty to medicine costs based upon the damaged proof of roadside or field medicine screening. However, in 2015, Harris Region quite approving such pleas for felony drug situations before receiving verification through laboratory examination outcomes.

Like the Maryland guy with honey, many individuals that have been wrongfully arrested and billed with possessing a dangerous drug have later on been vindicated and launched from jail.

As with the Maryland male, the damage has currently been done.

Work with a veteran drug defense lawyer.

If you or a relative faces an unjust medication charge based on what may be faulty or defective field medication examinations, alert an experienced drug criminal offense defense lawyer in or around Salt Lake City, UT.

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