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Helping Those charged with minor to serious crimes.  

If you are reading this, either you or someone close to you is likely going through a very difficult time in your life.  We understand this and have decided to make a career out of helping people in these types of situations.

DUI Charge

We represent individuals charged with a DUI. Our attorneys can help avoid jail time and a revocation of your diver’s license.

Drug Crimes

Utah aggressively prosecutes and punishes drug offenders. Our attorneys are available to assist with drug crime defense matters.


Having an assault and battery charge against you is a serious charge. We represent those who have been charged with violent crimes.

Utah Criminal Defense Law Firm

Utah Criminal Defense Attorneys is a different kind of law firm. Once you are our client, you become part of our family, and we will do whatever we can to help you. We have a network of skilled attorneys that we will work with to get the best results for your case. Our job is to help you through some of the most difficult times in your life.  Our legal staff is proud to be able to represent people from all walks of life. Our experienced legal team handles all forms of criminal litigation. We have helped hundreds of people all over Utah receive the justice that they deserve. Call today at (801) 649-4777 for a consultation with an attorney. 

"Just because you did it doesn’t mean you’re guilty"

Salt Lake City's Best Legal Representation

When you call, someone from our friendly staff will help you setup a consultation with one of our attorneys. If they are not available to speak because of a hearing in court, a deposition, mediation, deadline, or for some other reason, they will call you back as soon as we can. Our attorneys give you the real advice you are looking for, and if we don’t know the answer, we will tell you. Our experience and training allow us to give you some of the best legal advice you will find. We won’t make the tough decisions for you – our ethics prevent that – but we will tell you what the possibilities are, and how you can help your own case once you are our client. We will always give you our honest opinions, and we will not feed you sales pitches. There are enough people in the world who make empty promises, and we are not like that.

Award-Winning Attorneys

Our expert attorneys are nationally known for their exemplary talent to provide their clients with the legal advice that they deserve; all the while being some of the most decorated lawyers in Utah.

Our Testimonials

Lee Geddings
Lee Geddings
Chris returned my call and even after hearing that charges were not going to be filed against me he stayed on the phone with me for 30 minutes and listened to my side of the story. Another firm had already charged me $285 for this service and wanted another $2,500 to do a “pre-filing” representation. Chris said he would have told me that it didn’t find the need for a pre-filing and even even he did he would only charged $500 NOT $2,500. I don’t expect to ever need a criminal defense attorney but if I do, Chris at Utah Criminal Defense Attorney will be my ONE call.👍🤘🇺🇸
Jesus is the answer
Jesus is the answer
Craig have me some great advice and was more than happy to spend time working through a complicated situation we are dealing with. I have not used him in court yet but found his info very helpful and lengthy insights comforting.
sharee reynolds
sharee reynolds
very friendly,answered all the questions asked about,very knowledgeable about what was asked.highly recommend if u have any questions or need advice.
Anderson Lima
Anderson Lima
Outstanding customer service! They really LISTEN to you and try to work out the best way to solve your problem, I doubt there are any other attorneys in the valley with their caliber, affordable and straight to the point!
Robyn Colgate
Robyn Colgate
I called these guys because I was worried that my friend would go to jail for some pretty serious allegations. They talked me through what it looked like the options were, and ultimately I had my friend call In and talk with one of their attorneys. These guys were able to talk to my friend and the prosecutors and work with the police to work out a very fair resolution that made me thankful that I made the initial call. Thank you Chris and Your entire criminal defense team, you guys are the best in the state!
john lux
john lux
good job happy with it!

The Company Promise

Being charged with a crime is a very serious matter. If you have been charged you need a lawyer that will fight for you. We have worked on all types of criminal cases from misdemeanor traffic citations through serious first degree felonies. When you are charged with a crime, hiring a lawyer should be your first step. Give us a call today.

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