Understanding theft and larceny charges in Utah

Let us begin by understanding the difference between theft and larceny. It is essential to know that these words cannot be directly changed in legal terms. In general, all larceny is theft, but not all theft can be considered larceny. Theft is more of an umbrella term that covers a wider range of stealing. Larceny refers more to the illegal and permanent removal of someone’s personal property. The different charges for theft, robbery, burglary, and larceny are dependent upon the crime’s specifications. It is difficult to give one the ironclad meaning of each term since the application and usage will charge form one state to another.

What can happen if I am charged with a theft-related crime?

The ramifications of your arrest are going to relate directly to the specifications. In general, the more items were stolen, and their larger monetary amount will result in more severe charges. It is essential to realize that prosecutors may combine the total value of stolen items for a harsher charge. Take, for example, this hypothetical situation where someone has stolen dozens of items from various people. This includes things like cell phones, purses, wallets, cash, and various electronics. On their own, the value of these items may one result in several misdemeanor charges. However, their value may constitute a felony charge when combined, because the total is over $1500.

Other ramifications for shoplifting and more

Often, judges will impose criminal restitution, meaning that the stolen items’ value will have to be given back to the victim. These sanctions can also be set for shoplifting crimes in retail locations. This number is based on their traditional retail value and may accompany mandatory jail time as part of the punishment. This restitution is not forgiven in bankruptcy, and failure to pay this back can result in more charges.

Finding the right larceny defense attorney

Many possible defenses can be used against a larceny charge in Utah. This is because many specifications must be met for the charge to be considered larceny. For example, the theft must be intended as permanent, so if you planed on returning the stolen items, it might not be considered larceny. If you have taken an item that belongs to your spouse, it may be regarded as misappropriation of marital property instead. There may also be questions in terms of consent and entrapment. This is why it is so important to speak with a theft defense attorney in Salt Lake City. If you have been charged in Utah, call The Ault Firm at 801-987-8409 to speak with a legal professional and schedule a case review.

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