The Different Levels of Sexual Offenders in Utah

If you are convicted of any sex offenses in Utah, you will be required to register as a sex offender. The restrictions that apply to you depend on your level of offense risk. To determine which level you will be assigned to, an agency administers an assessment. Said assessment is used to evaluate your risk across 19 areas; with the score provided, you will be assigned a sex offender level.

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Risk Levels for Sex Offenders in Utah

In Utah, sex offenders that are required to register with the state are assigned to one of these three primary levels of risk:

Level One: Is mostly assigned to the people who have the lowest risk of reoffending.

Level Two: This is for people who have a moderate risk of reoffending.

Level Three: These people have deemed the highest risk of reoffending and of being a potential threat to public safety in their community.

The risk is based on the information available on the offender and can impact the assignment level.

Level one sex offenders must register with the sheriff in the county in which they live. The sheriff’s office keeps the offender’s records and may notice the people who live with the sex offender.

Level two offenders are deemed to be at risk of reoffending but do not have a high risk as level three sex offenders. If you are level two risk, you must register with the sheriff’s department of your county. The sheriff is then obligated to notify homes, schools, and community groups in your neighborhood as well as your employer.

Level three sex offenders have the highest risk of reoffending. If you are a level three risk, your registration is mandatory. People who live in the neighborhoods that surround yours will be notified that you live in their area. Flyers also will be handed out to homes, schools, and community groups with your picture, name, address, and criminal history. The sheriff will also send press releases to the local newspapers and television stations. Finally, your employer will be notified as well.

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