Domestic Violence and its Consequences

There are countless facets of domestic violence. Many people are aware of the physical nature of these crimes. This includes hitting, biting, slapping, pinching, pushing, and other forms of violent damage towards someone. Typically domestic violence between a cohabitant, family member, or relationship partner. It is usually categorized as a single instance or pattern of abusive behavior. Domestic violence is not always physical, and it is not still a situation of men abusing women.

Domestic violence charges in Utah

The law leaves room open for situations that are not necessarily physical violence to be a domestic violence charge. For example, if someone damages property to express their anger, it is criminal mischief and can result in a domestic violence charge. Another example involves stalking cohabitants. This can include doing things like following that person, monitoring their phone or email, and sending unwanted/unwarranted gifts. It can also include mental or emotional abuse in which a person fears for their safety or preservation of life.

The consequences of domestic violence

Essentially a domestic violence charge has the same impact as an assault charge. This can have serious, long-term ramifications for everyone involved. Anyone can be a victim of domestic violence, and anyone can be accused of domestic violence for various reasons. At The Ault Firm, we are concerned with justice. This means the accused parties deserve a right to defend themselves just as much as the accusers deserve a right to make their claims known. If you have been charged with a domestic violence crime, we are here to help tell your side of the story. Call today to request a case review.

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