Weapon Offenses

What Legally Defines a Weapon?

A spoon, a knife, a gun, what do all these things have in common? They can all be used to wound or kill someone. Does this mean that these items (as well as all things that can harm) are weapons? LAWFUL INTERPRETATION OF A WEAPON Under most legislation, a "dangerous weapon" can be described in two categories: A firearm, whether loaded or unloaded; or A knife, bludgeon, or any various other weapons,...

Criminal Weapons Offenses in Utah

Utah is relatively loose with its gun property legislations. In an initiative to safeguard your 2nd Amendment rights, it is lawful for many Utahans to bring a weapon; however, an authorization may be required to lug a hidden weapon. Still, Utah law does restrict that can have a gun, whether it might be filled or otherwise, and where weapons might be possessed. Some weapon possession criminal offenses...

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