November 2020

Does Covid 19 Pose a Threat to a Fair Trial?

Everyone knows the saying innocent until proven guilty. To be proven guilty, the trial should be a fair and honest one. This truth is the backbone of the sixth amendment. However, COVID 19 and the pandemic that has come with it seem to be threatening these trials' validity, which can leave the defendant at risk. Allow us to explain how covid could affect your right to due process.  Going to Court During...

COVID’s Effect on Domestic Violence

COVID's Effect on Domestic Violence  One of the most common themes that the experts keep touching on when talking about Covid-19 is "stay home, stay safe." While this may be true for most, this virus has brought many new stressors along with some unexpected risks for those in un-safe relationships. According to experts, this pandemic has increased the need for crisis intervention, shelter, and counseling...

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