July 2020

Criminal Hearings and the Courts During COVID-19

Did you know the Utah State Court has an informative website where you can find information on civil and criminal cases, self-help forms, contact information for the court, and many other helpful sources? The website if www.utcourts.gov. I recently spent some time on this website to look closer at how the courts handle criminal procedures in light of COVID-19. When going to the website and inquiring about...

Have you been Arrested for a DUI During COVID?

We wondered what would happen if someone got arrested for a DUI in Utah during the COVID-19 emergency. With courts shutting down, it may be scary to be arrested and find yourself in jail indefinitely. It may be scary to think if you may be exposed to coronavirus while residing in your cell for so long. There is not much information out there, and the courts are nearly impossible to reach at this time. The...

Violating Probation

Probation is a suspension of a criminal sentence that allows someone convicted of a crime to settle their debt to society without actually serving jail time. While on probation, you might not realize that some of the things you do daily could violate your probation. You may think it’s a minor violation, but it could end up costing you. While specific terms are set on a case by case basis, some standard...

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