February 2020

What is Grand Theft Auto in Utah?

The term “grand theft auto” or GTA has become widely known for the last decade. Primarily because of the popular video games series from Rockstar Games. But this term is not just a video game; it is a serious crime that has enormous impacts on those charged with the crime. Essentially grand theft auto can be defined as the intentional and illegal taking of someone’s car or vehicle. This penalty for...

Operating a boat in Utah under the influence

Many states have separate statues that address the laws and punishments for operating either a boat or an off-road vehicle while under the influence of drugs and alcohol. These crimes are often referred to as a BUI as opposed to the more commonly known DUI charge. Utah does not have separate BUI laws in the books. Instead, boating and off-roading violations are handled under Utah’s DUI legislation. As...

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