June 2015

Arson Part: 2

Although arson is typically described in the media as intentionally setting buildings with human beings inside them ablaze, the definition of arson under Utah law is hardly so narrow. Reckless burning and abandoned fire are two other offenses that are eligible as arson in Utah. Unlike the other crimes, see Arson I, the offenses of reckless burning and abandoned fire cannot be charged as felonies, but they...

Arson Part: 1

Arson is a crime that comes in many different degrees and names. At its most basic level, arson is the act of willfully and intentionally lighting someone else’s (or your own) property or things (perhaps even with a person(s) inside the intended target) on fire, with the desired result being incineration. Using explosives to destroy property also counts as arson, even if fire technically wasn’t the...

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